Make rainouts a thing of the past at STL Athletic Center.

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Shaw Sports Turf
We are proud to partner with Shaw Turf Products and feature their latest in turf technology. A leading synthetic turf manufacturer, Shaw Sports Turf is committed to a scientific approach to player performance and safety.
Field-Side Seating
Our facility was built with spectator comfort and safety in mind. We’re the only sports facility in the area to offer stadium bleachers with a full-length protective net system as well as casual dining chairs and tables to enjoy our concessions without missing any play.
LED Lighting
Our state-of-the-art polycarbonate lighting was designed to compliment gameplay and ensure a well-lit field experience at all times.
Flexible Field Sizes
With multi-use fields that can accommodate two larger play areas or four smaller ones, our facility has the ability to host a variety of sports for athletes all ages.
Digital Scoreboards
Our facility offers four scoreboards on each field of play so that spectators never have to guess the score or how much time is left. We have partnered with the premium local scoreboard company Nevco to provide the latest and greatest in scoreboard technology.

Pricing & Comparison

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Our Fields


We believe that no athlete at any level of play should have their progress stifled by less-than-exceptional field conditions. That’s why we feel it’s our duty to provide a dependable, exceptional turf space 365 days a year.

  • Fully customizable setup to accommodate two soccer fields (180 ft x 105 ft) or four smaller fields (90 ft x 105 ft) for any sport
  • Professional grade LED lighting and Shaw Sports Turf—the same brand used by professional sports teams across the country
  • Premium fan experience including net-protected field-side seating and a concessions area with café seating

Field Rental


We offer flexible rentals for games, practices, and much more.

  • Any team or club can rent field time for a quarter-size, half-size, or full-size field. Available for one-time or multi-week rentals.
  • Field rentals can be made by creating an account and working with our facility director on mutually agreeable dates and times.
  • In addition to sport rentals, we also offer non-sport field rentals for private functions, such as birthday parties and corporate events.
**Payment for field rentals that are less than 30 days away are to be paid in full up front, by credit card or check made payable to STL Athletic Center. Payment for multi-week field rentals that are more than 30 days away must be secured with a 10% deposit, by credit card or check made payable to STL Athletic Center.